More Bad News About My Furniture

Recovering from vein surgery last week and house bound, I just decided to recheck the measurements for brominated fire retardants in my furniture. To my amazement, I found the measurement for the same piece of furniture ranged from 2%to 10 % depending on where I measured. The part of the seat where people sit was usually lower, presumably because the fire retardants had come out as dust; places where there was no pressure such as edges of seats,top and back of chairs and couches tended to be closer to a frightening 10% of the weight of the foam

And when I checked more of my Sealy mattress purchased in 1994, parts of it read 2%. So that has to go too.

Go where??

I learned that if I get my furniture hauled to the dump, Urban Ore will reclaim it to sell as it looks perfectly good. If I attach a note saying it contains toxic fire retardants, the dump probably won’t take it.

It’s creepy sharing a house with furniture that has made Midnight sick as is full of toxic chemicals, I think I’ll put it in the front yard for now.

But then what can I do with it? All suggestions welcome.

If you live in California please, please call Senators Yee and Flores as below on Monday morning to support AB 706, so we can get the toxic fire retardants our of our furniture and not add them to our bedding and our pillows.

Senator Leland Yee PhD          916 651 4008    Fax: (916) 327-2186
(415) 557-7857
Senator Dean Florez                     916 651 4016    Fax: (916)327-5989


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