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Keynote Lecture References:

Climbing Your Own Everests

 “Thank you again for addressing our group of high-potential directors and executives at our leadership development program. We appreciated your mixed media presentation, as well as your personal authenticity, humor, and approachability as you told the story of your leadership moments, emphasizing values and vision. You also provided relevant stories about leading successfully while honoring diversity and in spite of adversity.

“It was a pleasure to watch the rapt audience as you brought the mystique of Himalayan expeditions and the lessons of leadership home to our group.”

Anne Kurzenberger, Manager, Leadership Development, Lucent Technologies


“It’s clear the spirit of your talk has been brought back into our workplace, as Galileans use your experiences and lessons as metaphors for the problems they encounter and solutions they seek.”

Andy Danforth, VP, Human Resources, Galileo Laboratories, Santa Clara


“There are two facets to a talk by Arlene Blum. We are instantly struck by the warmth and poise of this tall, strong woman and then by the modesty evinced by her manner, to the extent that we come away thinking how pleasant and easy it all seemed. (We, too, could do it.)The other facet of her talks is the formidable courage, conviction and competence displayed in her leadership. It is a very auspicious day when Arlene Blum enters it for us.

Audrey H. Duane, The White Mountain School, Littleton, New Hampshire


The Great Himalayan Traverse

“Your evening talk on The Great Himalayan Traverse was to quote one student, ‘Outstanding. Arlene gave me inspiration to give my best toward everything I do. Best program I’ve been to in my three years at Caltech.”

Julie Bolster, Director, The Caltech Y


Women in High Places

“Your presentation of ‘Women in High Places’ at Hewlett-Packard’s 1991 Technical Women’s Conference was a smashing success! The audience really enjoyed your enthusiasm and your rapport with them was astounding. You used humor and realism so effectively that it was easy for the audience to translate your message into action. It must have been wonderful to receive a standing ovation from the more than 850 technical women attending the Conference. You were an inspiration to all of us.”

Anita Doucet, Hewlett-Packard


“Your lecture received more acclaim and confirmation of wide range appeal than any other presentation we have had at Castilleja School. Senior students, seventh grade students, faculty, administrators and support staff – all were singing your praises.”

Jeannine Martson, History Head, Castilleja School, Palo Alto


“Several people told me that your talk was their favorite lecture in the Wannaker Series since its inception five years ago. Your personal charisma, humor, courage, and honesty; the artistic slides; and the awesomeness of your achievements dazzled the audience. We want to thank you for the unforgettable experience you gave to our community, including allowing the honor of having you as a role model for ourselves.”

Judith Solar, Dana Hall School, Wellesley, Massachusetts


“’Women in High Places’ has eight to ten of the most beautiful slides one is ever likely to see, and indeed, someone in the audience asked if they weren’t taken from an airplane.”

Audrey H. Duane, The White Mountain School, Littleton, New Hampshire

Descending through icicles
on Annapurna