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Keynote Lectures:

Climbing Your Own Everests: Leadership and Teamwork

High Places Around the World

The Great Himalayan Traverse: Across the Himalaya and Beyond

Travel and Trekking in the Himalayas

Australia: The Great Barrier Reef

Women in High Places: Annapurna and Other Climbs

Damsels on Denali: Leadership Lessons from the Roof of the World

Across the Alps with Baby

Travel and Trekking in the Himalayas

This introduction to Himalayan travel is designed for all those who dream of Himalayan adventure. Spectacular slides accompanied by traditional music transport us to this magical mountain world. An overview of the peoples, culture, religion, art, and history of the Himalaya will prepare prospective travelers for their upcoming trips. This information is also valuable to armchair travelers seeking a new perspective from which to view their own lives and society.

The presentation is based on the popular Himalayan Trekking and Travel Course taught by Arlene Blum at UC Berkeley since l982. It is available as an evening slide/lecture or as a comprehensive all day seminar tailored to the interests of the audience. Practical information such as how to prepare for the trip, choose food and equipment, select modes of travel, and stay healthy can be included.

This lecture will be customized to meet your specific objectives.
Please read lectures references.

To schedule a class or for more information, please click here or call Arlene Blum Lectures at (510) 644 3164