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Climbing Your Own Everests: Leadership and Teamwork

High Places Around the World

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Travel and Trekking in the Himalayas

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Across the Alps with Baby

High Places Around the World

Join Arlene for a unique-- never to be repeated-- adventure: 15 months of climbing and explorations in Africa, Asia, and New Zealand.  From December 1971 to February 1973, Arlene and companions followed the summer around the world, up and down across the equator, doing consecutive mountaineering expeditions in eleven of the world's major mountain ranges.

Some of the countries where they climbed -- Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Iran, Uganda - are now closed to Westerners or irreversibly altered.

Highlights include five ascents in the legendary Mountains of the Moon-- glaciated peaks rising to 16,700 feet from the equatorial jungle of Uganda; climbs in the Alum Kuh range in the "Valley of the Assassins" in Iran; four first ascents of 15,000 foot peaks surrounding the Vale of Kashmir; and Noshaq, a 24,000 foot high peak in the remote Wakkhan corridor of Afghanistan.

These round-the world climbing adventures in remote, spectacular regions are documented by outstanding slides. It was Arlene's first realization that seemingly impossible dreams can be accomplished by careful planning and determination.

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