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Climbing Your Own Everests: Leadership and Teamwork

High Places Around the World

The Great Himalayan Traverse: Across the Himalaya and Beyond

Travel and Trekking in the Himalayas

Australia: The Great Barrier Reef

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Damsels on Denali: Leadership Lessons from the Roof of the World

Across the Alps with Baby

Climbing Your Own Everests:
Leadership and Teamwork

Climbing the world's highest mountains is an excellent a model for achieving other extremely demanding objectives. Mountaineering requires total physical, intellectual and psychological commitment--and can yield the greatest rewards. Reaching the summit means standing on the top of the world with an ocean of white-capped peaks on every side and the clouds at your feet.

Arlene Blum has had extensive experience in leading successful Himalayan expeditions and organizing other complex ventures. Based on this experience, her lecture focuses on how to define worthwhile goals, manage logistics and finances, select a winning team, anticipate and solve problems, maximize successes, and overcome failures.

Her presentation emphasizes decision making and group dynamics in stressful situations, and the leadership skills and vision needed to get a team to the top. Dramatic stories of the Himalaya and the people who have climbed there combine with stunning slides for an unforgettable lecture.

This lecture will be customized to meet your specific objectives.
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