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Damsels on Denali: Leadership Lessons from the Roof of the World

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Damsels on Denali:
Leadership Lessons from the
Roof of the World

In 1970, a brochure for a guided expedition up Denali stated: "Women can join the Denali expedition for a reduced price. They will be permitted to go as far as Base Camp to help with the cooking."  

At that time, many people-men and women alike-doubted women had the strength or skill to climb the to the highest point on the North American continent.  Arlene Blum rose to this challenge and helped organize the first all woman expedition to Denali, of which she became the deputy leader.

The Denali team persevered though storms and difficulties to reach the summit at 20,320 feet on July 6, 1970. When the team leader became critically ill just below the top, Arlene had to take over leadership of the expedition. This lecture recounts the dramatic story of the successful rescue from near the top of Denali and the challenges and rewards of this historic ascent. It focuses on the leadership skills needed to get a team up and down one of the world’s fiercest mountains - skills that can be transferred to other endeavors.

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