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Australia: The Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Barrier Reef

Arlene Blum -- known for her climbing and trekking adventures in high places -- has recently gone "down under" to explore one of the largest and least known wilderness areas on the planet: Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

In the vast quiet underwater wilderness are countless unexplored canyons, peaks and valleys teeming with aquatic life. Arlene tells memorable stories of the peculiar habits of the colorful reef-dwellers and her own adventures such as the dramatic rescue of a stranded dolphin.

"Diving is much less work than climbing," she reports. "Weightless below the waters, you can ascent vertical walls with a kick of your fins....In the mountains there always comes a time when I want to go back down to the world. I never want to come up from the reef."

Arlene's presentation consists of stunning slides taken above and below the water in a two-projector dissolve format and accompanied by music composed especially for it.

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