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Climbing Your Own Everests: Leadership and Teamwork

High Places Around the World

The Great Himalayan Traverse: Across the Himalaya and Beyond

Travel and Trekking in the Himalayas

Australia: The Great Barrier Reef

Women in High Places: Annapurna and Other Climbs

Damsels on Denali: Leadership Lessons from the Roof of the World

Across the Alps with Baby

Across the Alps with Baby

In 1987 Arlene Blum, Rob Gomersall, and their four to six month-old daughter Annalise Gomersall Blum made a traverse from hut to hut "Across the Alps with Baby through some of the Alpine regions of Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France. This slide lecture about the challenges and rewards of parenthood in high places transports you to verdant alpine meadows flanked by towering Alpine peaks.

"Carrying Annalise and all her baby gear, nursing and diapering our way across the Alps was as much work as climbing Mount Everest," Arlene reports. "But it was lots more fun!"

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